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Let’s make a summer bucket list.

Because I don’t feel like finishing my History.

  1. take my friends to Pure for some fucking good frozen yogurt
  2. run everyday
  3. go to the gym
  4. rollerblade
  5. bike
  6. 3AM food run
  7. trampoline sleepover
  8. spend the whole day watching movies
  9. sleep
  10. try and get a tan
  11. even though that’s impossible for me
  12. starbucks runs
  13. run 10k
  14. do yoga
  15. eat well
  16. go to the lake
  17. trip to B.C.
  18. go to zumba
  19. hang out on broadway
  20. cupcakes at crave
  21. buy a new bathing suit
  22. and some jean shorts
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